Designed and patented by Haydenshapes founder Hayden Cox, FutureFlex is an affluent mix of modern custom designed materials and modern design innovation for high performance surfing.

Lamination Upgrades:

Standard: Using our signature Quad Axial lamination on the deck, the layers of E grade fibgerglass are layer on 4 different orientations to deliver maximum strength of the glass fibers laid out flat and stacked on top of one an other, along with a powerful and balanced combination of longitudinal and torsional flex. This lamination will disperse the compressional load from your feet to help prevent denting on the deck of your board (the EPS foam will naturally always dent, but compared with a standard 4x4 lamination there is quite an improvement). A standard FutureFlex lamination will have 10.5oz of cloth on the deck and 4oz on the bottom.

Standard Plus: This next level of strength and stiffness will add around 13% of fiberglass to your lamination to give added support to the pressure the board will be exposed to. Recommended for surfers looking to surf more powerful waves where strength, stiffness and weight can start to play a contributing factor to your boards performance. A Standard Plus FutureFlex lamination will have 10.5oz of cloth on the deck and 6oz on the bottom.

Plus: This is the maximum level of stiffness and strength that we offer and will add around 25% more fiberglass to your laminate. Increasing both the deck and bottom lamination fiber weight will overall give you a stronger and stiffer lamination. Recommended for those who are looking for long term durability or a board that will handle some of the most powerful conditions. A Plus FutureFlex lamination will have 12.5oz of cloth on the deck with 6oz on the bottom.