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HSSTUDiO is a 360° digital custom surfboard designer created by Haydenshapes – the most sophisticated and innovative customization platform to launch within surf. Enter your specs, view the shape and detail of your board in true-to-life form, place your custom order and have it shipped to your door.

Add and personalize your board art from full prints and colour variations, to matte/gloss tonal polish options styled on Haydenshapes premium aesthetic offering.

Current Manufacturing Time: 10-16 Weeks from order date*

*Please note this does not include shipping times.
*Due to the handcrafted nature of custom surfboards, wait times can exceed 12 weeks. However, Haydenshapes will do all possible to avoid delays.





HSSTUDiO allows customisation for all made-to-order Haydenshapes models across the range. Haydenshapes doesn’t accept customer-submitted designs or artworks for customisation.

Haydenshapes allows customers to select personalized dimensions for length, width and thickness, however we have set certain limitations in place across each area to ensure that the performance and function of the final surfboard design is not jeopardized. HSSTUDiO allows customers to select artworks, colours, logos and fin setups based on the available Haydenshapes style palette, which will be regularly updated. Certain artworks are limited to certain technologies based on Haydenshapes brand aesthetic and our aim to produce a beautiful product.

Once you select a board model, follow the steps in the HSSTUDiO designer. As you select different options, the image of the product in the center will update accordingly.


Materials (technology)
Dimensions (length, width, thickness)
Fins (fin setup, type, colour)
Artwork (Haydenshapes Style Palette)
Logo (logo type and placement)
Finish (board polish options)

Yes. Names and nicknames can be added to the board where the size and dimensions are located along the bottom center, around the fin area. These are handwritten along with the board dimensions. You can find this option by selecting DIMENSIONS > ABOUT YOU > CUSTOMISED NAME ON BOARD. There are name length limitations – 12 characters max. Each board comes with a unique product code, also written on the board, so that we are able to track your product in production.

Currently custom surfboards are taking 4-6 weeks to complete. Orders may take a few weeks to start based on the amount of orders already in the queue. Please keep in mind that surfboards are all hand made and times will vary based on a number of factors so please be patient. We want to get your board to you as quickly as possible but we won’t sacrifice the quality of your board to speed it up. Good things take time!

Unfortunately no. All sales through the HSSTUDiO are made-to-order specific to you, therefore are final and non refundable.

All Stock and Custom surfboards are made in Thailand.