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Haydenshapes Surfboards is a modern performance surfboard brand founded in 1997 in Sydney, Australia, by Hayden Cox at the age of 15. Inspired by design, technology, innovation and simple/clean aesthetic, Haydenshapes is sold in over 70 countries worldwide with a brand base and offices in both the USA and Australia.

With a large focus on innovative performance surfboards, Haydenshapes aims to construct and provide premium performance designs that are fun to surf and work to improve the ability of the everyday surfer.

Haydenshapes’ foundations revolve around modern design and innovation. The brands monochromatic black and white aesthetic is identified by the use of our signature FutureFlex parabolic carbon fiber rail, an innovative surfboard technology developed and patented by Hayden Cox and launched to market in 2006.

Hayden Cox

Hayden Cox is the designer and founder of Haydenshapes Surfboards and the inventor of FutureFlex technology.

Known for his award winning (3 x Surfboard of the Year – USA and AUS) and global best selling surfboard design, Hypto Krypto, Hayden and the brand are also recognized for notable brand projects both within and unconventional to the world of surf.

Adding author to the mix, Hayden released his book ‘New Wave Vision’ published by Simon and Schuster and is an ambassador for Audi, IWC Schaffhausen,  Samsung and a member of the Mr Porter Style Council.

Hayden Cox

Innovating the process.

Our manufacturing processes have been designed by Hayden and are unique to the Haydenshapes brand. These include our patented FutureFlex technology and our customised P.E application.

We work with skilled craftsman across our own custom manufacturing facility in Sydney and our outsourced production line at Cobra, Thailand.

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3X Surfboard of the year

USA ‘Surfboard of The Year’ 2015, SIMA Image Awards, Australian ‘Surfboard of the Year’ 2015, Australian Surf Industry Awards. Australian ‘Surfboard of the Year’ 2014, Australian Surf Industry Awards.

Surfboard of the Year



From time to time, Haydenshapes call upon selected individuals, artists, designers and creatives that we admire, to work with us to produce exclusive projects – from visual installations through to custom signature prints… We collaborate on these ideas from conception through to execution – each unique and relatable to the foundations and DNA of our brand.

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New Wave Vision

New Wave Vision is a book about creating something. It is experience driven, not a how-to, without glossing over the harsh realities, lessons and challenges faced when backing yourself and building from the ground up. It shares Hayden’s personal experiences spanning nearly 20 years as a young person in business – having started the brand at 15 years of age – with the work far from finished.

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