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Refract: SP01 x Hayden Cox Resin Furniture and Objects

Now available internationally, shipping worldwide.


Introducing 'REFRACT', a resin furniture collection created in collaboration with Australian design brand SP01 and  Hayden Cox - exclusive to Space Furniture and  

Comprising of four pieces including a console, coffee table, side table and resin surfboard, the collection is made by hand in Australia by our resin and surfboard sanding team in Mona Vale. 

A delicate blend of craftsmanship and lineal minimalism, it’s the distinct materiality that plays the leading role in shape, opacity and colour selection in the collection’s design.

The stacked lineal shapes that form the table bases take cues from a wave set. The elongated triangular slabs ‘abstract waves’ glow from the tip and deepen in colour as each prism expands.

“Working with intersected forms and shapes of varying thickness and transparency, each piece has been designed to uniquely interact with its space - ever changing its hue over the day and viewpoint.”

Art sculptures that perform as furniture pieces, the unique internal catalyst texture refracts light transforming colour - like sunlight through seawater.







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