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Hypto Krypto Twin Model Overview / FAQ

With the declaration of a new model to the Haydenshapes lineup, comes an abundance of questions and inquiries: What dims do you recommend? When and where can I get one? Will it be available in FutureFlex? Can I change my current order? And with the announcement of our latest ride, the Hypto Krypto Twin, the quizzing has come in droves. Being the inquisitive beasts you are, we’ve filmed a short edit of Hayden giving the low-down on your new favourite twin, as well as compiled a bunch of your pressing questions from social for a little FAQ. Enjoy!

You can pre-order the HK Twin PU, here. Receive a complimentary HS traction with every purchase. Offer ends September 13th




When will the HK Twin be released?

The HK Twin is pe-released now (order a PU version here) with stock landing mid-September onwards.


Where can I get the HK Twin? When will we start to see them at local stockists?

Right now, you can get the HK Twin via for all orders globally. The HK Twin will be available through selected retailers in Australia and the USA from mid-September onwards. Globally, the HK Twin will start landing in retailers from March 2022 onwards.


How long does it take to make the HK Twin?

Pre-orders are on a 4-6 week lead time, and custom orders are currently at 10-12 weeks depending on art and technology.


Is the HK Twin available for custom orders on the HSSTUDiO page? If not, when?

Yes, it will be available on the HSSTUDiO from the 15th of September. You will be able to customise dimensions, fin system and art then. Stay tuned for an announcement.



What constructions will the HK Twin be available in?

The HK Twin will be available in PU, FutureFlex and PE constructions.

Would you recommend the HK Twin in FutureFlex? What adjustments should we make to dimensions?

Depending on the feeling your after, I’d order FutureFlex if you want that same lively feeling as the Hypto Krypto FF. The PU will feel have a little more weight and have that more traditional feel of a twin.

Would you recommend going up or down in volume? How much shorter should it be ridden?

I’d recommend riding the HK Twin either 4-5” shorter than your shortboard with 1.5-3L extra in volume. Compared with your Hypto Krypto, I’d recommend the same dims and the literage is very similar.

Bottom contours, what are we running on the HK Twin?

The HK Twin has a rolled vee entry, a slight single under the front foot, and a vee double out the tail.


Is this the same twin you've been working on for the last few years with Craig?

Yes, it is one of the iterations that I have shaped for Craig over the past few years. It is the version that I personally connect with the most too.


What colours will this be available in?

The HK Twin will be made in Blue Tile, Kelp and Dust, along with all options on the HSSTUDiO.



What fins do you recommend using with the HK Twin?

I would recommend the Futures Fins K2 Fiberglass fins or the FCSii Modern Keel.


Is the HK Twin made for keels or uprights?

The HK Twin is made for a performance keel fin template.


Fin placement?

We are running the fins at 7 ¼” for the Futures K2 template.



Is the HK Twin much different from a regular Hypro Krypto?

Yes, it is a little different, as the outline has changed slightly taking width out of the front end to balance up the swallowtail outline. The concaves are different out the back ⅓ of the board.


Same rocker as the Hypto Krypto?

Slightly more entry rocker.


How much more fun would the HK Twin be in comparison to the regular ol' Hypto?

The HK Twin rides very similar to the Hypto Krypto in the sense that it has that comfortable and versatile feeling from the first wave. It connects well and has a controlled feeling for a twin, so a lot of fun.

Why use a swallowtail instead of keeping the Krypto's round tail?

To bring that length of rail to a twin fin design. I wanted it to still carve around a wave face with a similar feel to the Hypto, so a lot needs to be altered to work with a twin keel fin setup.

Where does the HK Twin fit in regards to the Misc. ? Where does it thrive?

The Misc. is a performance 2+1 twin design, that rides top to bottom on a wave. The HK Twin is more of a traditional keel fin shape with slightly more narrow features for connection and performance.



Does the HK Twin hold in larger surf? Does it float good?

Yes, it does hold in overhead surf, although the control throughout turns on a steeper face is going to be challenging. It paddles and floats great for the length of the board.


What type of waves do you recommend for the HK Twin? What is the wave range? 

2-8ft faces. All conditions that allow you to run on the open face, as it has a lot of speed and flow.


Does the board paddle well?

Yes, it does, it paddles the same as the Hypto Krypto.


Is the HK Twin beginner-friendly? Is it a good groveler board for a beginner?

Yes, it is, but I would recommend riding the HK Twin in a larger size. It is more of a cruisy board in small waves, although it still has plenty of speed. A beginner would be able to generate more speed on a thruster model, we recommend checking out the Hypto Krypto, Loot or Plunder. We also offer a soft series, here.

How does this twin surf in the pocket? Similar to a shortboard with a bit of a twin feel?

The HK twin rides more like a performance keel fin design in the pocket. 

Does the HK Twin offer a modern or retro board feel?

The HK Twin offers a modern feeling, as the features are slightly more refined and there is less width in the nose and tail compared with a retro fish.


Thoughts on the HK Twin for head high and/ or hollow waves?
The HK Twin would be great in both head high and hollow waves. Surfing this on a barreling point break would be a lot of fun. 

Does the HK Twin come with a matching grip pad?

Yes, we have designed a traction pad to suit the HK Twin in our signature herringbone pattern. Shop it here.


Will there be a foam version of the HK Twin too?

Yes, we are looking at a soft series version for 2022.



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