These Violent Delights A new Haydenshapes film. California Premiere Friday January 10th 4-6pm. Details Below.     These Violent Delights Featuring Craig Anderson, Micky Clarke, Oscar Langburne, Dylan Graves, and Jake Kelley is a film set in the here and now, 7 days, a boat trip with friends – the kind you fantasize about during the 9-5 and scrape together […]

Hayden Cox

‘Remote’ Up-cycled Construction – A Note From Hayden. 

  Over the last 23 years since I started the brand, goals for where I wanted to take Haydenshapes have continued to shift and evolve. We are not fully sustainable right now – there’s a long way to go yet but we are making a start and I am learning and educating myself on how […]


Bushfire Raffle Appeal | Donate to WIRES | Over 30k in Prizes

Australia is in a crisis. The stats are overwhelming, the destruction devastating and we are still in the thick of it. Public generosity and cash donations are crucial right now and every contribution helps, big or small. We’ve called on our friends (Pulse Surf Charters, Stab Magazine, Former and Urbnsurf) to help us create a fucking […]

Board Reviews

Three Voices from the Haydenshapes Team on the New: Hypto Krypto Step Up

Interview By: Beau Flemister   A few things you might already know about the brilliant, new Hypto Krypto Step-Up model: It’s a step up. It’s got a swallow tail. It friggin’ works. Fair nuff. It’s details you could probably gather from one look on the site at it. But what’s the Team saying about it? […]

Hayden Cox Projects

First Look: A Clear Surfboard Sculpture by Haydenshapes X Daniel Arsham

40 kgs, solid resin, mold cast and hand sculpted. Meet the first piece from the Haydenshapes X Daniel Arsham collaboration – officially dropping in 2020. We’ve never made a surfboard art sculpture before, so when the idea came up to create one as part of a collaborative project with renowned New York based Artist Daniel […]


Jake Kelley on the New “Loot” Model in PE-C

Interview By: Beau Flemister   Jake Kelley on the New “Loot” Model in PE-C An interview with the star of the show… Treasure. Booty. Dough. Jackpot. Plunder. Well, almost Plunder. An exciting new shape in the same vein of the Plunder model—but with less width in the nose and a 5 fins setup—the all new […]

Hayden Cox

Introducing ‘Remote’, A Pop-up Floating Studio Workshop

Introducing ‘Remote’… A pop-up floating studio workshop made possible by our friends at IWC Schaffhausen. We sat down with Hayden to talk through the idea behind the first ever floating shaping bay, what took place inside and what’s to come. Stay tuned for the ‘Remote’ film, launching next month.   Let’s talk about the ‘Remote’ […]


New Artwork: Macromolecules

Introducing Macromolecules. A new print range now available in store and on the HSSTUDiO. 15 new artwork options including the new Cobalt Blue and Monochrome prints.

Shama Beckford

Watch: Shama

In case you missed it, please enjoy “Shama” a film about Shama Beckford and his life growing up surfing in Jamaica. He invites us into his world, speaks about his goals for surfing in Jamaica, and how he shares this massive love for the water with his community. The release of “Shama” coincided with Hurley’s […]