Black Noiz is a performance shortboard designed to give the surfer all the control and hold when the waves get serious but still be on your shortboard. Developed throughout 2015 with Craig Anderson on his trips around the bottom end of Australia and Indonesia, Black Noiz has been Craig’s go to shortboard ridden with the rounded pin tail. It has a smooth, connected and controlled feeling when riding it, with reliability when tackling some of the more serious waves. The rounded pin tail lends the board to fitting tight in the pocket yet also draw some clean open face carves.

The rocker is an extension of the White Noiz rocker, with it’s medium entry, the balanced continuous rocker will give you all the speed, but also have the freedom from many different areas along the board.

The concaves are a very slight rolled vee in the entry, through to single concave under the front foot, with a single-double through the fins to a slight double vee out the tail. These concaves are slightly shallower than the White Noiz to all the board to sit a little lower in the wave face, giving plenty of control at the higher speeds in more powerful surf.

The outline is a little more drawn out / narrower in the nose, and slightly more refined in the tail to allow the rounded pin tail connect nicely without any sudden release of water flow along the rail line.

Black Noiz is your trusty performance shortboard that will want to be surfed in those better quality, more powerful swells at home or on your next trip. I have designed the stock model specs to allow both a true replication of Craig’s dimensions as well as a slight wider, more volume version better suited to the everyday surfer.

RIDERS: Craig Anderson


5'5 17 7/8 1 7/8 19.16 Round 54kg / 119lb or less Future HSS
5'6 18 1 15/16 20.46 Round 57kg / 125lb or less Future HSS
5'8 18 1/4 2 1/16 22.34 Round 63kg / 138lb or less Future HSS
5'9 18 1/2 2 1/8 23.87 Round 67kg / 148lb or less Future HSS
5'10 18 3/4 2 1/4 26.05 Round 73kg / 161lb or less Future HSS
5'11 19 2 3/8 27.38 Round 77kg / 170lb or less Future HSS
6'0 19 1/4 2 1/2 29.78 Round 83kg / 183lb or less Future HSS
6'1 19 1/2 2 1/2 30.02 Round 84kg / 185lb or less Future HSS
6'2 19 3/4 2 5/8 30.95 Round 87kg / 192lb or less Future HSS
6'3 20 2 11/16 32.19 Round 90kg / 198lb or less Future HSS
6'4 20 1/4 3 38.51 Round 108kg / 238lb or less Future HSS
6'5 20 1/2 3 1/16 39.11 Round 113kg / 250lb or less Future HSS
6'6 20 3/4 3 1/8 39.98 Round 112kg / 246lb or less Future HSS
6'7 21 3 1/4 41.96 Round 117kg / 258lb or less Future HSS
6'8 21 3/4 3 1/4 43.36 Round 121kg / 267lb or less Future HSS