Carbon Lines: A timeline of FutureFlex, The Original Carbon Fiber Surfboard Tech.

11 years on, FutureFlex technology is not only synonymous with Haydenshapes and having largely influenced the brands signature black and white aesthetic, it’s arguably created an industry wide carbon fiber trend and opened doors for new innovation. As a Samsung ambassador and tapping into the ‘Do What You Can’t’ philosophy, we were asked to grab Hayden […]


13-Feet and Casual: Checking In with Dylan Graves

There was a time about 8 years ago when it seemed like every pro surfer had a blog. Simple, fun, video-filled websites that anyone could peruse and get psyched on. You could probably thank forward-thinking freesurfers like Dion Agius for that… But then, over the last few years, guys seemed to get more serious and […]


Meet Waggy: An Interview with Noah Wegrich

Handsome, artistic and always wearing a giant smile, Santa Cruz’s vibrant goofy-footed Noah Wegrich, is one of California’s brightest underground, freesurfing talents. We caught up with the young man and spit-shot some random questions his way to get acquainted. Without further ado: Meet Waggy…   Haydenshapes: So, Noah. You grew up in Santa Cruz, California. […]


Meet Centsitive Objects…

  Over the last two decades Hayden has worked on a string of design projects, many of which sit within the Haydenshapes brand and are surfboard specific (new model releases, creating/patenting FutureFlex, steering the development of HSSTUDiO etc)  to other outside personal  design projects across different categories ie. a wave  installation at Semi Permanent, architectural/interior work like designing a retail space & his […]


Watch: Cult Of Freedom – The New Zealand Part

Welcome to part III of Cult of Freedom – The New Zealand Part III, a Globe production.  Creed Mctaggart, Dion Agius and Nate Tyler star in the newest addition to Cult of Freedom. Part III in Globes production features a mission dodging rain, sheep, slingshots and scoring in dreamy New Zealand landscapes.     Production By: Globe Filmmaker: […]


Bending Water and Metal. A New Edit and Interview Starring Nate Tyler

Interview by Beau Flemister. Raised by groovy, bohemian toymakers among the towering redwoods and crisp, clean Central Californian air, Nate Tyler was always a different breed of surfer from his citified cohorts to the south. Earthy, artistic and wildly talented, beyond starring in parts for brilliant movies like “Strange Rumblings in Shangri La” and “Psychic […]


Gnarles | Music, Surf and Startups

Music, Surf and Startups: A Brilliant Interview with James Watkins of An old friend, former employee, second Haydenshapes customer-ever and now CEO of the groundbreaking new music licensing platform for creatives, Gnarles, meet James Watkins. In a recent and interview with us, James tells us what gnarles is about and what’s fueled his creative […]

Hayden Cox

Mr Porter Feat. Hayden Cox

Recently, the team from Mr Porter travelled over from London to Sydney and spent some time with Hayden at our Mona Vale Headquarters and custom factory. In collaboration with IWC Schaffhausen, we created a video piece (directed by our friend Kai Neville) that captures a glimpse into the Haydenshapes brand and founder, Hayden Cox. “I […]


Cole Houshmand: Breaking 100

When you talk about certain enigmatic “power spots” in the surf world, places that seem to breed a level of surfer that eclipses the rest, a select few zones on the globe come to mind. The North Shore of Oahu. Coolangatta, Australia. San Clemente, California. Considered the “Cradle of Rad,” where Christian Fletcher and Matt […]