First Look: A Clear Surfboard Sculpture by Haydenshapes X Daniel Arsham

40 kgs, solid resin, mold cast and hand sculpted. Meet the first piece from the Haydenshapes X Daniel Arsham collaboration – officially dropping in 2020.

We’ve never made a surfboard art sculpture before, so when the idea came up to create one as part of a collaborative project with renowned New York based Artist Daniel Arsham, Hayden jumped at the challenge.

“This is by far the most challenging surfboard I’ve ever built. We tried and failed about 3 times before it finally got there. There are no shortcuts when working with resin in this form. This particular board is a non-functional art piece, however adding to the fun challenges of this project,  I’m excited to release what’s to come on the performance surfboard sides of things. Definitely our coolest collab yet. ”

We’ll keep the details light… more is coming soon. This is just a preview.

In the meantime, the clear board sculpture is currently on display in Selfridges London as part of  ‘The House’ by Daniel Arsham. It is for sale for collectors/the public by direct enquiry only.

Hayden Cox and Daniel Arsham in London, Selfridges, at the launch of ‘The House’ by Daniel Arsham.