12 Gift Suggestions….

An edit of 12 gift suggestions for a variety of budgets and tastes this Christmas – with nearly all of the items available worldwide. Circle your pick and forward the list onto your significant other, buy it for yourself or gift someone else.  Some you can get right here on our site, other’s elsewhere – we’ve included links and have done the legwork for you….



1. Epokhe Candy Sunglasses $200 AUD

The eyewear space doesn’t have a stronger line up. Co-founded by Dion, fellow brand owners also include Creed and Nate among others. We now stock selected Epokhe styles on our site and in store. “Candy” are Creed’s signature unisex shades and are available right here  in black and in cream.


2. Holy Grail FutureFlex $1095 AUD

Our latest release Holy Grail is shaping up to be one of our best yet. From a design stance, this model speaks Haydenshapes like no other.


3. Former Uniform Tee in Mustard $59 AUD

This year marked the highly anticipated launch of FORMER, a clothing company co-founded by Craig Anderson, Dane Reynolds and Austin Guilette. From the cuts to the obscure prints and tag-lines like “luxury 29.99”, the vibe, design and general creative direction has carved a new lane within surf.  Shop the full range here. 


4. Audi Driving Experience $999 AUD

(gift vouchers at various values also available)

Can you really place a dollar figure on an experience or a feeling? These types of gifts or products are invaluable in that respect and that’s part of the reason why we love the surfboard biz. We were invited on an Audi Driving Experience a few months ago and it was probably one of the best things we’ve ever done. Under the guidance of the crew there, you get to seriously to push the limits across the A, Q and performance S models on the race track. There’s a voucher option too for those who want to ‘chip in’ instead of going the full 9 yards.

5. Mr P. Grandad Collar Shirt $227 AUD

Mr. P is a newly released label from one of our favourites, Mr Porter. They describe it as ‘easy pieces, smart details, enduring style’. We quickly aquired some pieces on launch and a stand out for us is this Grandad Collar shirt in Navy.



6. Prada Belt Bag $1210 AUD

Just to throw it out there…. We’re not opposed to a fanny pack. They’ve made a bit of a comeback. Call it 90’s nostalgia, or simply because of the versatility, size and convenience. You can only own so many backpacks too right? Maybe not, but nonetheless, it’s not a terrible thing to switch it up. Recently we learned a lot about the fabrics, manufacturing techniques and cool history behind this iconic luxury Italian brand.  Kind of makes you appreciate good design and that some items are worth investing in. Especially those built to last.

7. Wednesdays with Bob by Derek Rielly $29.99 AUD

Love, politics and beer. Bob Hawke is one of Australia’s most loved Prime Ministers and the fact he can still skoll a beer at the cricket, live on television, hasn’t lost him any votes in the popularity department either. Written by our good pal Derek Rielly, ‘Wednesdays with Bob’ paints Hawke’s enigma from the outside whilst paying tribute to a man who strode the world stage with aplomb and won the hearts of millions in Australia and worldwide. You’ll find it in all good book stores here in Aus.


8. Dion Agius Signature shoe, Los Angered II $99.95 AUD

Our team rider and friend Dion Agius has an eye for design and cool product and these traits certainly weren’t lost on his latest release and signature shoe created with Globe.  The “Los Angered II” is a gift we’d be stoked to receive if we didn’t already own a pair – which we do! They are available in our store and online.


9. Functional Art, Marble Print Surfboard $1800AUD

Our marble range quickly became a signature part of our brand when we launched it in 2014 and is still a best seller. Yes, they are light weight and functional surfboards. Yes, they also look great on your wall as art. Yes, you can order one. Design it on our HSSTUDiO – made to order. Don’t forget to add a floating wall hanger designed by Hayden especially for our high-end collections. Note. You’ve missed the manufacturing cut off for Xmas, but, we do have stock. Get in touch here.


10. Samsung Galaxy S Book $1099 AUD, Pen $59AUD

This tablet replaced Hayden’s laptop – and the need for one. The functionality isn’t a typical tablet either, it’s got the juice and horse power of a regular desktop computer but is smaller, slimmer, faster, more efficient and all the rest. We design boards, edit video, emails, accounts, google drive, download, stream etc.  If there is one product right now that is a non-negotiable for us  – this would be a hot contender. The staedtler X samsung collab pen (stylus) is a nice touch too. #ToTheMakers.


11. Saturdays NYC Matte Finish Clay Pomade $35 AUD

We love the Saturdays NYC crew – they can do no wrong in our eyes. Or our skin, hair or face. See what we did there?  The new grooming range is a good stocking filler and addition to any mans bathroom cabinet or car glove compartment.


12. Vissla 7 Seas Wetsuit $329.95 AUD

A Vissla wetsuit is a second skin for us… They’ve all round nailed this category in our opinion. Price, quality, design. We stock a selection in our store an online and are in constant need of restock. We’re sure it will come as no surprise, but our pick right now is the Stealth black / black colour way.