Golden Gun PE - 6'3'' - Futures - HS13243

$ 0.00
  • Length: 6'3''
  • Width: 18 1/2''
  • Thickness: 2 5/16''
  • Volume: 28.7L
  • Tail Shape: Round
  • Technology: PE | Polyurethane Core, Epoxy Laminate
  • Glassing: PE Heavy - 6x4 Deck, 6 Bottom
  • Fin System: Futures
  • Fin Configuration: Tri-Fin
  • Decal Color: HS Black Circle
  • Decal Position: No.1
  • Artwork: Reign - Dusty Blue

The Golden Gun is a step up board for conditions that require extra connection with the wave as well as paddle power. A go-to board for Big Wave legend and Shipsterns local, Marti Paradisis, the Golden Gun is suited for and is predominantly ridden in waves from 6-12ft in sizes from 1-2 inches longer up to their 7’0 – 7’2 Hawaii Boards.

It has a forward foil and outline to give the board a controlled drive. The fuller foil in front of the front foot allows it to bury the forward rail line of the board to engage a powerful line yet not have the board be over powered and bogged down.

The rocker of the Golden Gun is medium entry rocker to allow fast paddling and speed forward on the board. The tail end of the board has more curve allowing control of speed and power during critical turns.

The concave matches the rocker style with a slight single in the front of the board, for slight lift, blending into a deep double to vee out the tail. This keeps the board nice and lively for a step up board especially when traveling through the barrel or carving off the top.


Manufactured in USA.


Fins Not Included. 


 Sale Reasons: Slightly sun-kissed




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