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The Ando is Craig Anderson’s signature all round shortboard. Craig likes to ride this board 1-2 inches shorter and 1/4 inch wider than his Ando All Star model. This allows the board to feel super sweet under the feet and fit in the curve of everyday waves.

The rocker is flatter through the center to give plenty of speed and flow between maneuvers. Ando likes to relax between his maneuvers and allow the board to do its thing and generate the speed. There is medium lift in the tail to allow the board to fit in the wave when surfing off the back foot. Also having the squash tail being almost round gives a smooth connected feeling, yet loose when needed. The entry rocker is flatter than normal making the board paddle well for a shortboard and gives more speed and drive from the front foot. 

The outline is a little fuller in nose and tail than a performance contest board, which provides more surface planing area for stability and speed. 

The Ando is the type of board you would take out to progress your surfing in waves from 2-6ft and get the same feeling that Ando has under his feet.



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