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Hayden recently took some time out from the day to day of running of the global operations of Haydenshapes and hit the road for the South Coast of NSW, 5 hrs out of Sydney. Trips like this have been challenging of late, juggling his time between Los Angeles  and Sydney where he has set up Haydenshapes custom manufacturing and offices. For him, surfing is not so much a hobby but crucial part of his lifestyle and business. Testing new shapes, drawing inspiration from different locations and breaks along with taking time out get the creative juices flowing. 

Favourite surf spots on the South Coast?

Congo, Bawley Point, The Hook, Flat Rock. The South Coast is still have of my favourite places to surf in Aus. 

Road Trip Equipment:

: Hypto Krypto FutureFlex 5'4, Merlot PE 5'5 , Love Buzz PE & FutureFlex 5'8

Audi A6 All Road Quattro, white.  It's got everything. The most comfortable whip I think Ive ever driven and great to load up with boards. I geek out on the technology of this model pretty hard. 

Supplies: MacBook & Nokia Lumia 1020 - got to stay connected to the work crew. My Leica Digital Camera, Spotify playlist, Vissla Wetty & threads, Salt and Vineger Rice Cakes, 4 apples, Jumbo bottle of water and sunscreen.

What area did you post up?

Congo. I rented a place on Stayz  right by the water. 

How often do you get to hit the road and just surf for a couple of days?

No where near as often as I'd like. It used to be at least 8 times a year, now it is more like 2 or 3. It's important to do it though and stay connected with the different models Im shaping and playing around with. 

What were the waves like?

The waves were super fun. It was between swells as the start of the trip but by the end I got some gold in some cool spots around 3-6 ft. I got some barrels at Guilotines but no one got as many as Ando aka "Barrel Jesus".

Any good spots to eat?

My favourite was Pilgrims in Milton. Such a rad crew. It's vegetarian, which I am not, but I loved it and ate there every day. The burgers were the highlight. 

Did see any familiar faces out in the water?

A few of the HS crew were around - Craig Anderson, Creed McTaggart, Beau Foster, Pama Davies. We also ran into a few crew who lived down there and I invited one of the locals Mikey McArthur along to shoot for a few days. It's great to hang with the local boys. 

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